“Marrakech provides exceptional guided cycling tours in and around the city, allowing you to uncover its true enchantment. Every cycling adventure is a voyage into Morocco’s vibrant history, distinctive geography, and diverse culture. If you have special requests, we’re here to accommodate them.”

 2 Hours |  from: 30 € / Pax |  Marrakech |  Carbon Neutral |  Cycling

“Our journey will lead us to Gueliz, an area established by the French in the early 1900s, showcasing the city’s transformation with its expansive boulevards and picturesque parks. As we pass by the exquisite train station and the Royal Theater, we’ll offer intriguing historical insights about these landmarks.

The tour will culminate with a visit to a charming café in the historic district, where you can savor the renowned Moroccan mint tea or a cup of coffee. This is also your chance to gain local insights about the places you’ve explored and receive personalized recommendations to enhance the remainder of your stay.”